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Dear Reader,

Metabond, inspired by the future, is a top end product developed for 21st century motoring. Using Metabond will reduce the need for maintenance on your machinery and diminish its environmental impact, which in turn helps in reducing the wastefulness that now permeates our modern society.

Metabond helps us understand that the biggest gift we have as humans is our planet, and that our economy is fuelled by energy that we have to use sparingly.Our goal is to materialize a concept that many find questionable: create a sustainable symbiosis between our planet Earth and a progressing economy.

Metabond is not a "silver bullet". We only use premium materials and additives in our products that are developed in line with the latest lubrication technology. Other lubricating oil manufacturers may also be aware of these substances, however due to the ongoing price competition on the market and conflicting interests, they opt either not to use them at all, or only use them in a limited capacity.

Don't be surprised if the energy sector, car industry, manufacturing industries, lubricant manufacturers, auto service centres, or, in a word, the "industry" itself openly denies the effectiveness of our products. The simple explanation for this is that - in many aspects - our interests differ. Metabond values a happy and satisfied end user.

The secret to not having any competition and maintaining a unique product is that we strictly use only the latest and most advanced lubricity enhancing additive packages combined with the same  high standard low saps metal surface finishers and, in some cases, combine these with nanoceramics. These materials are made to high end standards and are specifically manufactured for this field.

Metabond users will experience the same sense of responsibility, honesty and sincere heartfelt love that has continuously been an integral part of our brand since 1986, and with which we have brought our products to life under fair conditions - this is the kind of mentality we would like to share with our potential customers.


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