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Metabond ECO

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Product Datasheet - Metabond ECO
Safety Datasheet - Metabond ECO

Metabond ECO is a state-of-the-art ash-free metal surface treatment using nanotechnology for the engines of passenger cars and small utility vehicles. It has an excellent antifriction and extraordinary lubrication effect. It is recommended for the engines of new, part-new and used gasoline, diesel and gas operated vehicles even equipped with catalytic converter or particulate filters, added to the motor oil of the required quality.

The primary effect of METABOND is the chemical metal surface treatment, which creates ideal conditions for the oil film, thus reducing engine wear and decreasing maintenance costs. As a result of nano-size polyceramic added to today's most advanced ash-free metal surface treatment and the special lubrication enhancing components, Metabond ECO significantly increases the lifetime of the engines and reduces friction loss by 60%.


Metal surface treatment and nanoceramics also reduce leakage problems. This significantly reduces emissions and greatly reduces potential oil consumption. Due to nanotechnology, Metabond ECO can be used for both mainstream and secondary, super fine filters.


Metabond ECO offers ideal conditions for lubricating oils even at extreme loads. This facilitates the engine's internal operation and the movement of components, which results in a significant increase in engine performance and/or fuel saving.


By using it, the noise level is noticeably reduced immediately. When used continuously in new equipment it guarantees a triple service life. The use of Metabond ECO eliminates cold starting difficulties and provides a protective effect even in the event of a short-term partial oil shortage or complete loss of oil pressure.


The lubricants of the Metabond-treated equipments maintain their lubricity for a longer period of time due to the more ideal operating conditions, thus increasing the oil change interval, thus reducing the environmental load.


Field of application:

It can only be used in new, part-new and old gasoline, diesel and gas-powered engines of passenger cars and small utility vehicles, as it contains specific components for passenger car engine oil.

Can be mixed with all synthetic and mineral based passenger car engine oil.



Simply put the bottle on a warm radiator or in warm water in order to warm up the content of the bottle to a pourable consistency, shake well and pour 1 bottle (250 ml) into the engine (4 to 8 liters oil fill) to the new, warm engine oil and then run the engine for a few minutes. The treatment has to be repeated at each oil change cycle. Its use assumes the use of the required grade of engine oil!


Shelf-life: Unlimitied if not opened. 2 years after opening.


Made in EU


Packaging: 250 ml, 5 litre


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