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Metabond HI-TECH EXTREME grease

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Product Datasheet - Metabond HI-TECH EXTREME GREASE

Metabond HI-TECH EXTREME GREASE is an outstanding premium quality, versatile, extremely high-temperature, calcium-sulfonate-based metal surface treatment, anti-wear grease. Developed with the latest grease technology, the product also contains molybdenum disulfide, graphite, adhesion and cohesion polymers. With its extreme pressure-resistant ingredients, it offers properties that go far beyond conventional greases.

The Metabond metal surface treatment in the grease chemically binds to the metals, creating an extremely smooth and wear-resistant surface. Due to the greatly reduced friction between the surfaces, the operating temperature, vibration, noise level and energy consumption are also significantly reduced. Using it the machines operate more dynamically, increasing their performance and efficiency. It protects against rust, corrosion and acid, water, steam leaching, oxidation and offers excellent stability in the temperature range of - 20 °C to + 240 °C. The solid state lubricants provide additional protection for up to 550 °C (!) for short periods of time. It can be mixed with most greases and is suitable for post-greasing.

It has very strong adhesion properties, but is also well pumped and conveyed. Due to its high-pressure absorption capacity, it is extremely stable against aging and shear.


Field of application:

Areas with high temperatures, high loads and areas that require outstanding resistance to water, acid and steam.

It can be used in all types of vehicles and vehicle drives, heavy duty bearings, electric motor bearings, agricultural and construction machines, mining, steelworks, shipping, cement industry, paper industry, ventilators, forestry and and most other areas of grease application.




Its use requires no expertise, it is simply applied in the same way as any other grease. The equipment manufacturer's instructions must be observed!


Typical data:


Soap / thickener: calcium-sulphonate

Color: dark gray

Odor: hydrocarbon

NLGI class: 1

Density: 1,05 g/cm³

Drip point: >300 °C

Initial boiling point: > 280 °C

Flash point: 250 °C

Solubility in water (20 °C): insoluble

Vapor pressure at 20 ° C: <0.01 kPa


Made in EU


Packaging: 400gr (standard grease cartridge)


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