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Product Datasheet - Metabond UNIVERSAL
Safety Datasheet - Metabond UNIVERSAL

Metabond UNIVERSAL is a modern metal surface treatment of oil-lubricated machines, engines and equipments. It has an excellent antifriction and general lubrication effect. It is also recommended for the engines equipped with particulate filters and catalytic converter. It can be used in all new, part-new and used oil-lubricated equipment added to the oil and also to the fuel too.

The primary effect of METABOND is the chemical metal surface treatment, which creates ideal conditions for the oil film, thus reducing equipments wear and decreasing maintenance costs. As a result of general lubrication enhancing components added to today's most advanced ash-free metal surface treatment, Metabond UNIVERSAL significantly increases the lifetime of the equipments and reduces friction loss by 60%.

By entering into a chemical reaction with metals, Metabond UNIVERSAL tempers their materials when pressurised. The resulting extremely hard and very smooth surface withstands damages caused by friction. It offers ideal conditions for lubricating oils even at extreme loads. By the significantly reducing friction, the operating temperature and noise level is immediately and noticeably reduced.

Due to the metal surface treatment it eliminates cold-start difficulties and provides protective effect even in the event of a short-term partial oil shortage or complete loss of oil pressure. The lubricants of the Metabond-treated equipments maintain their lubricity for a longer period of time, thus increasing the oil change interval, thus reducing the environmental load.

As it is a multipurpose product, it does not contain neither special lubriaction enhancing components nor ceramics, so it's effect on lubricants can not achive the quality of our use-specific products.

Field of application:

Its use is completely universal, adding it to the lubricant it is used for the oil lubrication of combustion engines (gasoline, diesel, gas), manual switches, gears, differentials, industrial equipments and small machines. It can also be mixed with greases. It can be used anywhere where friction reduction is required.

To achieve special results, it can also be mixed into the gasoline fuel of combustion engines, however, this is recommended only after experimental tests.

It can be mixed with all synthetic and mineral based lubricating oil.


Simply put the bottle on a warm radiator or in warm water in order to warm up the content of the bottle to a pourable consistency, shake well and add to the new, warm engine oil at a rate of 5-10% and then run the engine for a few minutes. The treatment has to be repeated at each oil change cycle. Its use assumes the use of the required grade of engine oil.

The mixing ratio is 2-6 ml/10 litre gasoline if it is added to gasoline. It cannot be mixed with two-stroke engine oil in itself, therefore always add it to the gasoline or the ready mixture!


Shelf life: Unlimitied if not opened. 2 years after opening.

Made in EU

Packing units: 250 ml, 5 litres


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